Forging group of Swedish Engineering Industry Groups AB is the Swedish forging industry trade bodies. The industry group is currently 6 members, which together produce approximately 100 000 tons of drop forgings, most of which goes to the automotive industry. Forging Group is the Swedish forging industry’s own trade association. We realize the full value of it will go well for the Swedish manufacturing industry – it is the foundation of a large part of society in general. Today Forging group of six member companies, which together produce about 80 000 tonnes of drop forgings per year. The Swedish tanks are indispensable suppliers of components with extraordinary demands for quality and durability. A large percentage of the Swedish forges production consists of components for the automotive industry, but forges flexibility and experience made everything from hand tools for components in the aerospace industry. Forging Group is to coordinate industry-wide training and promotes the industry’s interests in the dialogue with the Swedish authorities. As a consultative body, we give the Swedish forging industry a single voice and informs about the industry’s importance and needs. As a member of the European organization Euro Forge, we are in and influence decisions at EU level, together with our sister organizations around Europe. Within the Euro Forge is also a valuable exchange of experiences on issues related to technology, standardization and statistics. You can read more about Euro Forge on their website

Our secretariat can be found on Main Street 5 Stockholm in the Swedish Engineering Industry Groups AB – TEBAB. TEBAB is part of the Engineering Industries – employers’ organization for all the creative and important companies that together account for nearly half of Sweden’s exports